Having a structured exercise plan is great, it’ll help you with your personal fitness goals. But what about your nutrition plan? Oh, you don’t have one. Well what if we told you that it’s just as important to structure not only what you eat, but when you eat it, if you’re really serious about getting fit.


If you’re really serious about getting fit, nutrition planning is a must

You might not be eating kebabs and drinking beer all day long, but even a ‘normal’ diet could be harming you chances of losing weight and looking lean, or adding muscle and getting your body fat percentage down.


A nutrition plan can help identify which foods are right for you and your desired fitness goals. For example, processed food and refined sugars are pretty recent additions to the human diet, so our bodies often store them as fat. When you replace these with fresh vegetables, healthy fats and protein, you’ll start to shed fat whilst maintaining muscle.


If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s also important that you choose foods that are rich in fibre, to keep you feeling full, and high in antioxidants and nutrients to help regulate your blood sugar levels.


Our members are already seeing the benefits

A great example of how quickly a nutrition plan can impact a gym members fitness, is by taking a look at Ross from our Plymouth gym. Within 4 weeks of starting his plan (designed by Lee) Ross has put on 2KG yet his body fat has dropped from 9.2% to 8.7%, meaning he’s putting on size but getting leaner.


If you’re serious about your fitness, looking to make a real difference and bulk up. Or generally interested in what you put into your body, consider a Nutrition Plan. It’ll certainly be worth speaking with a member of the Morgan’s team if you’re a member of our gym to see how it could transform you.

Why you should consider Nutrition Planning.