Weight Management

Shape Up is a 12-week weight management and transformation programme designed to help you get into the best possible shape!

Be the best possible version of you

Diets don’t work! With Shape Up we will help you change your lifestyle with exercise, good nutrition and emotional support. Helping you shape up, feel good and look great! No fads or meal replacements, just good, tasty food, regular exercise with lots of support to help you achieve your goals.

The programme uses a mix of exercise, nutrition, and psychological support to help achieve your goals. We will encourage and inspire you to get fit, slim, toned, and happy! Suitable for all ages and fitness levels and for both males and females. You can join as a family and have fun getting fit and slim together!
Dietary Advice & Support
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Losing weight without exercise will not make you toned, fit, and strong and we want you to have it all! We also want you to maintain your weight loss and will support you through a maintenance phase to stop those bad habits creeping back in!

You will be fit, healthy, strong, nourished, and happy and look great if you lose weight the Shape Up way.
We aim at a healthy 1 kilo a week weight loss and over the 12-week programme we expect you to lose 12 kilos – that is almost 2 stone and it will all be fat!! The exercise element of the programme will be toning you up and keeping your muscles strong.

If you have more to lose that is fine – we will keep working with you for as long as it takes.

Supportive Environment
12 Week Transformation Programme

Give us a ring on 01872 561111 and book a free, no obligation consultation.

Find out how Shape Up can help you change your life!

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