We know what you’re thinking, stretching? Pah! That’s for girls that do classes and old folk. Sorry to break it to you, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong!

If you don’t take it seriously, it’s just a matter of time before you start to get real problems that could have been avoided

Stretching is the fitness equivalent of brushing your teeth. Whilst you can get away with missing it every so often (although that’s still gross) if you don’t take it seriously, it’s just a matter of time before you start to get real problems that could have been avoided.


You don’t need stretching, right?!


Let’s take all you dudes that crush it in the weights rooms of gyms all around Truro and the UK. You train hard, you get stronger, you feel great and then one day, you’re sat at work and you start to ache like never before. You stand up and do the old man, hands on hips stretch but it doesn’t really help. Never mind, you walk it off and the next time you get to the gym, after warming up all is forgotten.


But this happens more and more consistently, until one day, you’re pumping iron like Arnold Schwarzenegger back-in-the-day and boom! Something pops. Now most of you who don’t have stretching in your gym routine will say ‘that’s just the price you pay for training hard’ but the guys and girls that do stretch will tell you, ‘it could have been avoided’. And it could have.


Yes you do!


Stretching continually helps your mobility. And as an athlete (if you go to the gym and take fitness seriously, we’d consider you an athlete) movement and mobility are paramount to performance. All the time you’ve been pumping iron, taking those Kettlebell classes, pushing the limits at Crossfit, your muscles gradually got stronger but they also got tighter.


Stretching and mobility work may seem boring as hell, but its vital to staying pain and injury free. Being strong is one thing, being strong AND mobile is a whole new level of fit!


How you can add it to your gym workout


Consider adding at least one class a week to your fitness routine. Yep, we said it, we just told you to consider going to classes! A class like Morgan’s Body Balance, Pilates or Yoga will make a real difference to your overall mobility. But if going to classes is just impractical, consider adding a dynamic stretching routine to your fitness plan. This can act as the perfect cardio warm-up and the active movements actually mimic your workout.


If you need any advice on your fitness routine or how you can incorporate stretching into your routine, our Morgan’s gym staff are more than happy to discuss your needs. Morgan’s Gym Truro is dedicated to helping each and every member reach his or her potential.




Stretching – why, when and how.